What is Banff Isn't Disposable?

BID is a pilot reusable container program in Banff National Park. **The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of single-use container waste and to validate a reusable scheme for Banff in the long run. We launched our program on May 30th with the help of our municipality, community volunteers, and seven businesses who are committed to preserving our beautiful national park. Now, we are nearing the end of our pilot and the numbers are clear—reuse works. For more information about BID, please visit the project website.


What is this toolkit?

After going through the process of piloting a reusable container program in my hometown, I wanted to share my learnings and make it easier for other communities to follow suit. This toolkit covers the step-by-step on how I made this project come to life. It also contains all our program materials as a reference. You can use this toolkit if you are hoping to start a reusable container program, or even if you're just looking for inspiration on how to accelerate environmental action in your community.

Toolkit structure

This toolkit includes the details of my process within the context of a more general framework for taking a tangible stand on the climate crisis. I used this structure because starting a reusable container program is just one way to accelerate environmental action; there are so many other things you could do! The message I want to send is that anyone can instigate change, and hopefully, this toolkit makes it easier to do so 💪

STEP #1: Know your impact

STEP #2: Choose your cause

STEP #3: Do the research

STEP #4: Learn from others

STEP #5: Start planning

STEP #6: Get funding

STEP #7: Design the program

STEP #8: Get businesses on board

STEP #9: Involve the community

STEP #10: Use social media

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